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Because we are IN industrial packaging, we believe we would be in this business our clients consulting. Our experience is based not only on many years of experience in this field, but also in the field of measuring climatic changes in packages at the truck and maritime transportation. Furthermore, we draw from the experience of our foreign partners, which are in the Czech Republic ev. SR exclusively represent. Resting on our laurels, and also regularly visiting foreign and even non-European conference and exhibition in the field of packaging materials and machines. We are doing our utmost to ensure that our service / advice was most effective and most affordable for our clients.



Customized solutions

It appeals to our clients / customers asking for help for product packaging, product or device, one of the main demands is, “Give us what you whole.”
After an initial consultation and delivery of technical documentation will prepare a technical solution. The solution consists of the procedure described packaging and material composition of the entire package, including pricing. After the presentation of our solutions are incorporated into the final draft possible solutions.
After that we deliver COPD, according to the report komletní pack or carry out assembly kits packaging in our factory and deliver it already folded. The aim is to make it to the client / customer as simple and economical.


Optimizing Packaging

Optimization pack is often a very difficult task, but very much in demand. We provide optimization (industrial) packaging in many respects, for example. It’s tare weight, durability, higher corrosion protection and not least the financial aspect. If you are one of those who we would like to try this, very happy to accept this challenge.


Corrosion tests

Given that I specialize in anti-corrosion packaging we would like to offer our test equipment – condensing chamber that complies with CSN 03 8131, to the corrosion test your products.


Monitoring of climatic parameters

Monitoring of climatic parameters during transport outside Europe is also demanded service in obalsti packaging and corrosion protection. We have the equipment that can be purchased or rented for the purpose of monitoring climatic parameters.

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Customized solution

Komplexní řešení

Navrhneme a dodáme Vám celé řešení obalu. Vy zadáváte požadavky a my Vám dodáme komplexní řešení. Komplexní řešení zahrnuje vše.

Optimalizace balení

Zdá se Vám, že nevíte jak své balení změnit? Cítíte že se dá změnit a nevíte jak? Je vaše balení drahé a hledáte úspornější řešení? Potřebujete zefektivnit proces balení? Rádi pro Vás provedeme optimalizaci balení.

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